Friday, August 30, 2013

The universe doesn't want me to swim...

They say the hay is in the barn at this point, which is both good and bad in terms of my swim training. The bad- not very much hay in my barn. The good- nothing(?) to lose by missing more training. And I'm blaming the universe for that fact. Last night I tried to swim. I took the train up to Evanston, about to change in the locker room, and find that my swim suit hadn't made it in my bag. I briefly considered skinny dipping, but I like that pool and would like to be welcome back. Ok, so maybe that isn't the universe, but obviously not meant to be.

Today I can blame on the universe. I went to do an open water swim at Ohio Street Beach. The water was warm so I was skipping the wetsuit. The swim was going well besides the major boredom factor I've been having this year with OWS. I was having the mental battle of if I was going to do the full 1 hr 30 min I had planned. The funny thing is I don't feel fatigued while swimming, I just feel done (after about 10 minutes). The lack of fatigue actually concerns me- am I not pushing hard at all? Is my form all gone to hell and I'm just flapping around?

I was finally getting in a groove and swinging more on the "I can do the whole time" factor when I heard a lifeguard yelling. I finally stopped and pulled my swim cap up so I could hear. He was yelling that I needed to get out at the ladder because of lightening. Huh. I had been oblivious. You mean it was actually getting dark out and it wasn't just my tinted goggles? I had been wondering where the boats were disappearing to...

Of course this happened when I was at the far end, at least a third of a mile from the beach where my things were. I sprinted to the ladder out of fear for lightening. I must have looked like quite the sight walking back to the beach. I kept my goggles on since I can actually see in them. Thankfully there was no glass on the path, and I made it safely back, though completely soaked, to my office.

Well, a 52:32 swim is better than nothing. I'm not sure of my swim goal/expectation. Based on my approx 41 min swim at Door County last year, I was planning about 1:30, but my swim shape is, of course, lacking. I also know I will have to contend with a ton of contact and expect to end up swimming a fair amount further than 2.4 miles.  Then again, I know a wetsuit can help swim times (did have one in Door County too though, just compared to swims this year) and drafting can be a great help. I also have my prescription goggles this year which should help sighting. I think it is realistic to be out of the water by 1:45. I am just worried about the psychological toll.

I won't do the full distance before race day. I am trying to calm myself by knowing it is ok to not do the whole bike and whole run, so of course I don't need to do the whole swim. I am drawing on how it is all mental- when I went to my first master's practice this year I was able to swim for an entire hour after practically no swimming in months. With the race day adrenaline I will definitely be able to get through the swim.

On deck for tomorrow is my last long bike- 2.5 hrs. It's funny, for some reason that sounds long, even though it is way shorter than my recent bike rides have been. Can't believe in a week I'll be in Madison!

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