Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Baby Steps

I'm in an optimistic place right now.  That is somewhat tough when waiting on MRI results that are definitely not happening in the 48 hrs they quoted me.  Too bad it isn't like ordering pizza- if it's not on time, it's free.  But patience is a virtue, right? 

Tonight I ran.  Not fast, not far, not without walk breaks, but I ran.  I did 6 rounds of 4 minutes of running alternating with 2 minutes of walking, for a grand total of 24 running minutes!  And no pain.  Not even a hint of soreness.  We'll see how it feels later, but I could jump up and down with joy right now. 

This is my second go at the run-walk approach.  On Sunday, I did 30 minutes with a 3 minute run to 2 minute walk ratio.  I also felt great on that run, unfortunately I had a pretty significant SI ache later that night when I was lying in bed.  However, it subsided by morning.  I'm not saying that is a good thing, but I'm willing to see how this round leaves me feeling tonight and tomorrow. 

I'm not just thrilled to not have pain with running, but the experience really just felt glorious.  It was a peaceful night (no Mom, I don't run in the dark at 9pm...), nice cool air, lights along the path all lit up.  I truly just felt rejuvenated.  I soaked in the calm of the night and was just grateful to be moving. 
Of course, any success like this also instantly makes me more optimistic for my recovery.  On Sunday, I am registered for Leon's Triathlon.  Since it really is so close to home and I already paid, I'm still going to go through with it as a test of swim and bike fitness.  I was planning to just bail after the bike.  However, this run(/walk) has me thinking I can take that same strategy and finish.  It obviously still won't be the race I want, but I need to focus on appreciating what I am doing.  

This run that has me so happy wasn't even planned.  My grand plan for the day was to do a longish swim after work and then bike when I got home.  Well, try working in the hospital for 5 hours in the morning and then running an experiment in the afternoon.  I was pooped.  I made myself go to the pool, but when I saw there was a wait, I just couldn't do it (excuses, excuses...).  I wrote today off as a rest day, and went on with other plans.  Then I pretty much psyched myself up to do something by just not wanting zeros in my TrainingPeaks account.  Whatever works, right?  I felt up for another try at running.  And man, am I glad I did! 

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