Sunday, December 8, 2013

Why Wait Until January 1?

“A year from now, you will wish you had started today.” -Katy Lamb

 On January 1, millions (totally made up number here) will decide to start the year off right, beginning exercise and diet programs, determined to make 2014 the year.  I am typically one of them, as I always look for a good time for that fresh start.  In the short course of this blog, I have been on and off the exercise/health wagon more times than I can count, continuing to state that tomorrow I will...  (give up sugar, run every day, not skip workouts, etc.).  And yet, I continue to be unable to get in a pattern.  While I could list off a zillion (again, accurate number here) excuses, there is really no one to blame but my faulty resolve, and it will be me who regrets it come next season when I am falling short of my dreams and potential.  

So I'm not going to wait until January 1.  From tomorrow until January 1, I am going to see how much work I can get in.  I do not have a specific number in mind, but I am aiming to run, swim, AND bike every single day.  Yoga and core in there too.  I am not expecting to be perfect at this, but to remember that every minute counts.  Maybe I won't have time for a 5 mile run, but I can get in 20 minutes.  No time for a full out core workout, but why not a few crunches or planks.  If I am going to watch tv, it better be on the trainer.  I am hoping this will set me up for 2014 a little fitter, a little lighter, and already in the habit to get it done. 

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