Sunday, June 9, 2013

10 Things I Learned Today

1. A thirteen mile run is long. Even if you are in good shape (which I am currently not), those last few miles tend to not be so fun. Embrace the suck.

2. Hot peanut butter gu is nauseating. Or delicious. Honestly, I'm not sure.

3. If you go to the pool right after running, you will quickly learn everywhere you have chafing.

4. If you drink a ton of water on the way from your run to the pool, you will have to stop your swim multiple times to go to the bathroom. I guess this isn't as much an issue if you are open water swimming.

5. You might be able to fake bike fitness, possibly even run fitness. But swimming fitness is all honesty. And if you haven't been visiting the pool, it will sure give you a slap in the face when you do. I'll call today's swim workout "Water Re-acclimation" because that sounds nicer than "Resembled 3 yr olds First Swim Lesson." Lots of work to be done...

6. If standing on one leg to get your swim suit on hurts like whoa, you probably have something wrong with your SI joint.

7. Geese are fearless. They will let you get within inches of them.

8. If sweat is dripping in your eyes, and you squint, you might be ok. By try completely closing your eyes for a second, and you'll run right off the path.

9. The Forever Yogurt froyo truck at my turn around point is a very mean trick.

10. The bike shop unfortunately has other customers. They are unable to drop everything and just help you. Darn.

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