Thursday, June 6, 2013

An Udderly Disappointing Day

That might be an exaggeration, but I couldn't help but use the pun! Last Sunday I did the Udder Century out in Union, IL.  There were multiple distance but I was planning on doing the 75 (or really 78) mile route.  That would be the longest I'd ever ridden in a single stretch by a few miles, and I thought I'd get a good confidence boost. Silly me.
The wind sucked. Yes, I'm a baby about wind and hills, and really prefer riding completely flat routes with not a lick of wind. And the weather hadn't really said to prepare to die from pedaling into the wind either, so mentally I wasn't ready. I don't think it was greater than 14 mph or so, but it just sapped me. Thankfully I heard other riders talking about it, so I know it wasn't just me. You would be riding into the wind just hoping for a turn in the route soon, and then you'd finally get one to find out that cross wind isn't much better than head wind. I just kept telling myself that eventually there would be a tailwind and all would be right with the world again.
So wind was factor one in making it a bad day. Tired legs was #2. I'd done my 12 mile run the day before, and was definitely feeling it. Absolutely no umph in my legs. Reason #3 was my bike computer decided to not work. I've had a Garmin 500 with a speed/cadence sensor for a month or so now and haven't had any issues, but that day it decided to start crapping out on me. It seemed to be any time I could pick up speed, I'd watch my mph climb and then it would start reading 0. That also meant the odometer wasn't reading, so I was doing a long ride with little knowledge of where I was progress-wise.
Around mile 10 I started toying with the idea of doing a shorter distance. At mile 25 I was 90% sure I'd cut out at 62, and at mile 42 I knew I couldn't do another 35 and not want to run myself over with my bike. This is suppose to be fun right? So I called it a day at 62.4. It's funny, riding that long should still be a huge accomplishment, but I'm bummed. I'm bummed that it didn't go according to plan, that I couldn't easily crank out 78 miles like a rockstar. I'm bummed that my mental training isn't on track to where I could not let the wind get the best of me. I'm bummed that even in my shorter ride, I average 14.8 mph. 14.8. What has happened to my speed?? I know I'm out of shape but that was a smack in the face. I tried to tell myself that I will race faster, but last year I was training at 17 mph, even on longer rides. It was upsetting to say the least, especially when the slow speed still was mad hard and I didn't go the full distance.
I need to move on from this. I really know I made the right call in cutting the distance, but I wish I could at least have the victory of mental toughness and pushing through. I always think it is those memories, those tough training days I overcame that I can look back on during the race and be inspired. But my Monday run was already hell, so I can only imagine what it would have felt like if I had pushed myself. I need to learn to trust my body. I think I am still thinking if I can overachieve, I will make up for the months of sub-par (and that is being generous) training. Maybe I'll get some vindication this weekend...

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