Thursday, June 6, 2013

Eww, another blog.

That is generally my reaction when someone mentions they are starting a blog. I've always found blogs to be quite narcissistic- why would I have anything so important other people would want to read about it? Seemed like the ultimate egocentric thing- a place you can write about you (or whatever else) and expect others to care.  Then I started Ironman training. I started to search for blogs of other first timers to compare trainings, and see if what I was doing and feeling (physically and emotionally) was on track. I found reading training blogs to be quite motivating and helpful, so I would love for this to be helpful to someone else. Also, I've found myself wishing I could remember what I was feeling training for my first half ironman (or first 5k even!), so this will be a nice record.

I am in the midst of training for my first Ironman- Ironman Wisconsin on September 8. It seems my "IronWill" comes and goes (most recently it went last Sunday when I bailed on my 78 mile ride in favor of the 62 mile variety, but more on that in another post). My larger mission is my Iron Gut- raising money and awareness for Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis (more on that later but please hop on over and make a donation- 

So where am I at? I had a plan. About a year ago I was in my all time peak fitness. And then like any plan, it doesn't go according to plan. I've had a rather stressful year, and had difficulty fitting training in. A few missed sessions to end my streak of consistent training, and I found my motivation slipping away. Suddenly I was missing whole weeks at a time. I've looked back on my training records and this was the first time that I was ever so inconsistent. I was stress eating and not working out, which translated to packing on the pounds. Then I was out of shape and heavy, which does not lend itself to motivation when you go for an "easy" run, feel like dying, and run about 1 min/mi (or more) slower than you use to. And then to add to things, I've had some awful shin spints/tendonitis/possible stress fracture. Things have not been going according to plan...

My original goal for IM Wisconsin was sub 13 hrs, but really shooting for sub-12 hrs. I'd heard you can take your HIM time, multiply by 2 and add an hour to get a vague idea. My HIM time is 5:33, so I think I originally had a shot at 12 hrs. Now I am really just focused on getting back in my groove and finishing. I think sub-14 is doable, but we'll have to see. I am aware a first Ironman is a total learning experience, so maybe it is good that I have set my bar low and will be undertrained. I will definitely learn a ton to take on the the next one!

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